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Joby Wan Kenobi! Joby Harold to write Star Wars: Kenobi for Disney+!

Kenobi hires a new writer!

Joby Wan Kenobi

After Hossein Amini left Star Wars: Kenobi at the start of the new year, production paused and there were rumors Kenobi was going to become a film again to buy time between the next film series so Lucasfilm could make the next film release window in 2022. Kenobi started as a film which was why at D23 Kathleen Kennedy boasted they had scripts and everything. They were initially converting the Kenobi film into the series, which is why it should come in at about six episodes. But apparently that is proving more difficult than expected.

It should be noted that Harold also wrote Awake for Hayden Christensen. Maybe there’s going to be some Anakin Skywalker in this Kenobi series? With Debrah Chow directing the series, it should be pretty solid. Ewan McGregor also is pretty honest about quality so I really believe in the series.

Variety reports:

Joby Harold has been tapped to write the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series at Disney PlusVariety has learned exclusively from sources.

The Chops

I’ve already seen Twitter start complaining about the news. I can’t really see how someone with Harold’s experience with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is actually a bad thing for a Kenobi series riffing on Arthurian legend. Rumors started early on that the first script was partially inspired by Parcival (who Joespeh Campbell considered to be the most romantic story ever told). Harold also produced Robin Hood in 2018. This is far from a whacky choice to write the final touches on the Kenobi scripts for Lucasfilm. And like I said, he’s written a film for Hayden Christensen before.

Do It Right

All in all, this is good news. I know fans follow productions with a lot of impatience. But the creative process is the creative process. As angry as people get at Kathleen Kennedy because they wanted their Star Wars projects yesterday, I really admire her ability to make sure things are as right as they can possibly be before releasing them. When she said they had scripts as D23, she wasn’t lying, it just wasn’t the final draft and we laughed about that back on the podcast when it happened.

Thanks to Lisa for the heads up!

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