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Star Wars: Rogue One prequel, Kenobi, and Jurassic World: Dominion rumors from Pinewood!

Cassian Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and dinosaurs!

Pinewood Update

I have a small update about Star Wars television moving forward at Pinewood Studios. There’s a lot of rumors flying around and my take is if it hasn’t filmed yet, “maybe that’s right.”  I would rather talk about what I’m hearing that seems grounded.  During this interim and quiet period, here’s what the word is.

My sources have said that a schedule is set for the next two productions in the live-action  Star Wars Disney+ productions.  There’s a chance there’s going to some overlap in the productions and we’ll have both shows in production at the same time, if what crew members are hearing ends up coming to fruition.  It’s likely cheaper to use the same crew and keep both productions together at the studio, but that’s conjecture on my part.

Sources at Lucasfilm and Pinewood Studios have heard that there’s going to be some creative shifts coming too. This does not confirm or debunk any rumors going around saying otherwise, I want to be clear about that. They’re also calling Tony Gilroy the director of the Cassian Andor Rogue One prequel series in a general way but I don’t know if that’s a large assumption because he’s involved in the writing of the series (like how people assumed Jon Favreau was directing on The Mandalorian at first) or if that’s actually something notable.

When I asked about the potential overlap I was told:

The Rogue One prequel and Kenobi  sequel productions are set for Pinewood. I think the Kenobi series has some creative and sensitive differences still being worked out.

We should have some more developing news on these productions really soon.  Overall, my Pinewood sources expect movies to be a lot cheaper moving forward after the global pandemic.   In a very general conversation, a few of my sources essentially expect the next Star Wars films to be smaller in scale, more intimate blockbusters because of the economic downturns the world has suffered. That really isn’t the worst news either when you consider how cheap A New Hope and even Batman (1989) would cost compared to the movies released in 2019.

Jurassic World 3

My Pinewood sources also told me a little about the next Jurassic World movie in passing. I know some of you enjoy both franchises so maybe these little nuggets will something you’re interested in hearing. I have no idea if they’re already out there as I follow it rather loosely but during our conversation about Star Wars, it drifted to Jurassic World. There were some rumors at Pinewood about productions being shut down because of COVID-19. My sources at Pinewood told me that productions are rather inconsistent with how stern they’re being about protection from the virus but that no dinos are sick. Crew members were tested several times during production, however, another big production supposedly wasn’t testing anyone at all.

  •  Maisie is kidnapped by Dino poachers.
  • Owen and Claire track them down to find a dino habitat owned by BioSyn which Dodgson from the first Jurassic Park is involved with.
  • Alan and Ellie are investigating BioSyn which is how their paths cross.

I’ve heard some pretty exciting news about the future content that I can’t wait to report on including the start dates of these shows.  Hopefully, we have some news and updates soon that we share. Make sure you’re staying safe and wearing your mask. You’re going to want to be around to see what’s next after all.

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