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Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge looks pretty neat.

ILMxLAB announced a new VR Star Wars video game today. The game will take place on Batuu and allow users to have a first-person adventure around Galaxy’s Edge.  Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge will release later in the year, exclusively on the Oculus Quest.  If you were a fan of Vader Immortal this looks like it picks up where that fun left off.

The game looks pretty fun, even if you’ve been to Galaxy’s Edge at one of the Disney Parks. I’m really glad to see the lore of Batuu being expanded upon and played with. With the current COVID-19 crisis, even if Disneyland opens back up today, I will not be taking my kids anywhere near that place until there’s a vaccine.  This game might not substitute the experience of being in the park itself, but it is better than nothing and it looks fun at the same time. I’m interested to see how the game compares to the real thing.

SNL’s Bobby Moynihan is back working as a Star Wars voice which is pretty rad.  I enjoyed his work as Orka in Star Wars: Resistance.   Moynihan did some small work on The Clone Wars final season. This time  Moynihan is playing a bartender named Seezelslak which sounds a lot like the weirdo lizard people from Land of the Lost.

There’s also a pirate named Tara Rashin, played by Debra Wilson. In the video below, it looks like Wilson gets into the character which should make for a great performance.  It’s always cool when the actors are playing what is essentially a squid monster but they treat it with the respect and gravity of something less eccentric.

My best friend picked up Vader Immortal and I had a really good time playing it.  For me, I wasn’t super into the action elements of the VR experience itself.  On this type of medium, in my opinion, the passive first-person experience is more entertaining than clunky virtual fights. It was rad to stand next to Darth Vader but I found the combat frustrating at times and he wouldn’t kill me even when I pushed the buttons on his chest plate and told him now he’s going to die. I prefer these types of experiences to be a little more anthropological and exploratory. I hope this Batuu adventure is more like that overall.

I really dig that they’re using aliens and letting us be the human in this adventure.

Check out the video and interviews below:

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