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Obi-Watch 2020: More Star Wars: Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi train yard filming corroboration!

LRM confirms the MSW Report.

LRM Online is corroborating the MSW report that the Disney+ Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi series is getting ready to film in Southern California. LRM’s source downplays the severity of the filming, however.  Without having spoken to them (or their source obviously) I speculate that it is likely the shooting is going to use the free space before The Mandalorian’s third season begins filming.

LRM wrote:

According to one of our sources, there will indeed be filming at the end of September, but that it will be nothing major. As it stands, the main cast will be brought in for the main production in 2021.

The shooting at the trainyard is almost always exterior shooting using the doubles and stunt performers.  It seems reasonable we should not expect Ewan McGregor to be down there on the set next month (but I can hope). Using a double would make the most sense for the most part.

Sneaky Kenobi Speculation: With Obi-Wan being one of the most wanted men in the galaxy after dismembering Darth Vader and burning him alive, I imagine Ben Kenobi keeps his hood up when he’s outside in public. If it plays out that way, they won’t need to put Ewan McGregor in a heavy wool cloak in the hot California sun as we won’t see his face.

One of the major reasons COVID-19 did not disrupt the second season of The Mandalorian was because so much of the second unit filming was completed before principal photography.  The use of the digital sets, the visual effects are done up front to a large extent. Perhaps we are seeing a lot of that early work being done now with some filming being conducted before the main shoot after the new year.

The last two seasons of The Mandalorian seemed to begin setups in September. They would film a lot in October and November. It would slow down around Christmas and then there would be intermittent shooting after New Years’.  Maybe Kenobi will slide into the spaces after The Mando is done?

This is wild speculation, but wouldn’t it be neat if they were filming some early shots and a promo for the series to get Disney+ subscribers interested in keeping their subscriptions live?

Make sure to check out my first report on the Obi-Wan series filming in Southern California and my second with  images of Tatooine set pieces being stored on the lot.

Thanks to LRM for sharing what they have heard.  More to come!

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