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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel cast Adria Arjona in Cassian Andor series for Disney+!

Casting on the Cassian Andor series!

The Cassian Andor Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel has cast a major lead according to Deadline.  Adria Arjona has landed the part opposite Diego Luna as a series lead in the Star Wars spy thriller.  Arjona has voiced Ramirez in Fortnite and had a part of Pacific Rim: Uprising with The  Force Awakens’ Jon Boyega.  Arjona has been in a lot of really solid TV like Narcos and True Detective.

Deadline writes:

Adria Arjona is set to star opposite Diego Luna in Disney Plus Star Wars series based on the Cassian Andor character Luna played in the 2016 spinoff film Rogue One. Denise Gough, Genevieve O’Reilly, Stellan Skarsgard and Kyle Soller also are on board.

With this casting, if the series does not have a large ensemble, it would seem Diego Luna (Cassian), Alan Tudyk(K-2SO), and Adria Arjona will likely make up the main cast of the series. I’m hesitant to call any of the cast the protagonists since it’s a spy thriller and things will likely not be as they seem. I’m excited to see how Star Wars tackles the genre and if the audience is okay with expectations being circumvented with twists.

Deadline goes onto confirm that Tony Gilroy is not only writing but directing multiple episodes of the series. I recently heard rumors out of Pinewood which said as much about Gilroy and might give some of the rumors from that piece some more credibility.  I like that Gilroy, who directed the reshoots for Rogue One is pushing this forward as the writer and main director.  In theory that will lead to consistency between the film and each episode of the show. The Mandalorian had ups and downs but remained fun with all of the different voices contributing to the show but a spy thriller will benefit from consistency in tone and narrative, I would think.

We will have more info on the Cassian series as it becomes possible to report on it. We have more Mandalorian coming in October and a Kenobi series on the horizon as well. With no films for a while,  Star Wars television is where’s it at for now and that’s not a bad thing.

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