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Obi-Watch 2020: Star Wars: Kenobi to start production in Southern California next month?

Obi-Wan is coming to Hollywood?!

MSW’s Hollywood sources have informed me that Disney+’s Star Wars: Kenobi is filming at the “train yard” location next month. These sources has been perfect in the past so I take their information as very solid. This lot in question is the location where The Mandalorian filmed it’s first two season’s exterior shots. It is a safe assumption the location will be used for exterior shooting on the Kenobi story too with interiors at the Manhattan stage or Pinewood Studios. I also assume the location, which was used for Tatooine in The Mandalorian will double for the desert planet here as well.

The last time I was at the train yard, I saw a lot of storage still being held around the area. Of course, that storage has a lot of Tatooine materials from The Mandalorian which can be reused in Star Wars: Kenobi with a little fresh paint. The sets for the Tatooine locations are modular in that they can be connected and repainted in various combinations to make streets and cities seem vaster than they truly are.

While my highly trusted sources have said filming starts next month it might mean the wheels start turning next month. The Mandalorian setups began in September, and shooting started in October so they might mean production starts next month.  At this point, we don’t know how much shooting will be conducted at the Southern California location. Deborah Chow who is directing Kenobi shot Mando’s Episode 3: The Sin at the location is familiar with space. But how much they’re filming is still unknown to me at this time.

Pinewood sources were under the impression that Kenobi was still coming to the U.K. As of late, they have only heard rumors of revisions. With Star Wars: Cassian coming to Pinewood Studios, it was thought by crew members that there would be overlapping filming between both shows. Does this mean that Kenobi will be filmed entirely in SoCal or will the production film in Manhattan and the train yard like The Mandalorian? We just don’t know how many changes there have been over the last several months.

Another question to ask is does this mean that The Mandalorian won’t have season three as soon as quick as we got season two? Is it simply pushed back due to COVID-19 delays like everything else in the world? The second season of The Mandalorian did not seem to use the train yard as much as the first season did so maybe they barely need it for season three? Or maybe they’re simply going to film concurrently. It’s all food for thought.

This is the first good news about Kenobi in some time so I’m elated, to say the least. At the moment, there is production movement for both Cassian and Kenobi which is great to hear.  I’m looking forward to what Debrah Chow has to offer Star Wars as a director and seeing Ewan McGregor back as the best Jedi of all time is going to be rad.

More to come!

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