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7 Star Wars Set Photos from a galaxy far, far away! Kenobi or The Mandalorian?

Either The Mandalorian Season 3 or Obi-Wan is about to begin shooting!

Either The Mandalorian Season 3 or Kenobi is about to begin filming.

Last August sources reached out to me about the Disney+ Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi limited series. These really solid sources said the Kenobi series would be filming at the train yard and using stages over at Manhattan Beach.

Now, here we are in September. It’s 104 degrees in California. The state is on fire and something which looks like Tatooine is being built at the “trainyard.”

At least we think this is all Tatooine. Is this for Obi-Wan or The Mandalorian’s third season? Sources said pieces of The Mandalorian sets and props would be reused for the Obi-Wan series.

The “trainyard” is where the exterior shooting for The Mandalorian is usually conducted. The Mando was very conservative in its design, complicating things. Nevarro, a rocky planet with molten lava shared a lot of architectural cues from Tatooine. Another world from the series called Arvala-7 was Tatooine with mud puddles.

While I was at the “trainyard” I saw a lot of the Nevarro set pieces were gone. The Tattoine set pieces were increased on the other hand. But are the Nevarro pieces I saw before set up right now? Is this for The Mando or is it for Kenobi and it’s all Tatooine?

Photos from a galaxy far, far away.

This street set that is being built has a band towards the top of the set that is very Nevarro in design. The door frame we can see from behind is the shape of a door seen in a shot or two from Nevarro as well. The door inside has notches found on both Nevarro and Tatooine. The paint is darker but until it is painted for filming it’s hard to say.

These set pieces look very much like Tatooine to me. The paint lining the door frame was visible on season two Mando’s sets. There was a large circular building from season two of Mando I shared photos of last year that also had that same lined paint job.

The other pieces of this set also appear to be Tatooine-like and the double notches are apparent here. You can see the shape of the door is rectangular with rounded edges compared to the first photo.

This is very much the side of a Tatooine building with the wall. These kinds of pieces you can see all over Mos Eisley. From memory, I believe we see something like this when Mando sees the Stormtrooper helmets on spikes from the first season of his series.

I find this circular door interesting to look at and probably identifiable when we see in on-screen one day. This door is an arch and not a complete circle like the one from the bar on the ice planet in episode one of The Mando. 

And here are vaporators and such used for the previous two seasons of the show.

With all of the similarities in design, it makes it a little difficult to ascertain what is what during this phase of the set build. But I’ll keep an eye on it as best as I can to figure out what is what and what we will be seeing in future episodes of Star Wars television.

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