More canceled Star Wars: Ragtag details emerge!

Jedi News has the details on a podcast called We Have Cool Friends. In the podcast, Nolan North gives details about the shooting on Ragtag itself. He says that Ragtag shot for around half a year before it was canceled.

In the interview, North has to walk on eggshells as to not break his NDA, I’m sure. In it, he calls the hero (Dodger) a bounty hunter. However,  Dodger was essentially a scoundrel that is persuaded into a kidnapping by Jabba the Hutt, and that propels the story forward as the hero has to avenge Alderaan.

From the podcast:

“With Ragtag, [there was] at least 4 to 6 months of shooting? We did a bunch of stuff. It was an ensemble they had done with other characters. But it was visually stunning. It was just really cool.”

I really dig that he confirms that you would play as multiple characters during the game itself. I was pretty sure both Wil and Robie had their own levels because there were story elements that would happen in-game that Dodger didn’t know about. Dodger was the main character and Robie was the sidekick who would have been featured in the sequel to the game had it not been canceled far into development.

I made a documentary about the game and some of the mechanics recently. In that doc, I break down the entire main story and I shared a ton of the concept art I had floating around in it:

It really is infuriating that they canceled the game. The story sounds good. The mechanics were neat and now that we know you could have played as multiple characters, it sounds way more expansive and interesting than the games we’ve had with Star Wars before. I really wish they had used all the shooting they did to make a direct to video feature or something on Disney+ out of it.

I hope one day they will let that story live on and the shooting is used to tell the tale because it sounded pretty fun.

(Podcast info via Jedi News)

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