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Temuera Morrison pretty much confirmed as Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2!

In what could amount to the coolest news in a while, it looks like we could have a confirmation that Temuera Morrison will be playing Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s second season. Morrison replaced the voice of the original Boba Fett in the later editions of the classic Star Wars trilogy and played Boba’s father Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones.

While the scoring sessions for the second season of The Mandalorian are being conducted, huge Boba news is breaking, making this a really exciting time for the Disney+ series.

Casting website Showcast has a current CV for Temuera Morrison and the listing reads:

The Mandalorian S2 (Post-production) for Fairview Entertainment.

In the past, we/fans have used such casting sites to confirm character names and more in the past. To this day, I do not recall those listing ever being faked, as they can be on sites like IMDb and I’m not sure if Fairview Entertainment was public knowledge before now either.

This week I made a video about how eagle-eyed fans spotted the Fett armor in the newest Star Wars: The Mandalorian trailer. Check out the video for the details that convinced me:

With Ahsoka Tano coming into the next season, it was hard to interpret the rumors about Morrison. Technically, in live-action, he’s Captain Rex too, physically speaking. Captain Rex is a clone of Jango Fett as is Boba Fett. However, Rex ages differently than Boba because his genetic template wasn’t altered like Rex’s was for the Republic army. So it wasn’t clear if that “confirmed” Boba until now.

I absolutely love that they brought Morrison into this series. Connecting various eras of Star Wars is something I appreciate. The “remember them!” moments don’t do it for me. What characters we knew from certain eras and what they’re doing now in new ones for that character is delightful.

When you look at Jango, he’s taking his helmet off constantly. He’s almost the opposite of the Mando creed in so many ways. What is this going to amount to for Boba? How are they going to butt heads? Boba never removes his mask, even for the dancers in Return of Jedi. Five years after the Sarlacc, what’s Boba all about? Same old shit, different year? Or is he a farmer with a wife named Linda and if she learns about his past, his ass is grass?

There was a rumor going around that Timothy Olyphant was cast in the second season and he wore Boba’s armor. That would likely make him Cob Vanth, the man who bought Boba’s salvaged armor from some Jawas in  Aftermath. If that rumor pans out, how do Mando, Cob, and Boba intersect in this story?

I’m pretty excited for October 30th to get here already! I hope they just confirm Morrison at this point so we have 100% confirmation of his return. I’m pretty excited!

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