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Cassian Andor series is casting extras for November to March filming!

Extras answer the call!

Just yesterday, Disney announced a huge reorganization that could mean less than favorable things for theatrical releases of future Star Wars films and good things for the future of Star Wars on Disney+. The Star Wars Cassian Andor series continues to move forward with filming starting next month and continuing until March 2021.

Over the last few days, friends and sources have been contacted letting them know roles are opening up for them on the new series if they should accept the parts. Below I’ll outline what the message looks like as it goes out to the extras so we can see what their initial experience is like. Note: I watermarked the images in red and removed any data that could be a security risk for my sources and the production.

The text messages went out recently which use the codename PILGRIM ref TROLLEY, the codename and production putting the Cassian series together at Pinewood Studios. The series will primarily film at Pinewood (with some shooting in Southern California but irrelevant to the contents below):

When the link is followed, the actor is presented with a questionnaire confirming the filming date range the actor will need to have free. They also note that COVID-19 tests are going to be required. The process requires the health test and then a fitting for the costume the actor will wear during the space spy thriller.

The questionnaire then makes sure the actor is willing to be available for the potential start time of 6 am. This is a reliability question to make sure they’re on time with transportation to the studio.

The pay scale is set by the union. The actor is informed of how much they will likely be paid for a short day and a long day with the promise of lunch as well as the costume fitting rate.

The final part of the lets the actor knows when they will be confirmed for the work should they have answered the availability questions properly.

There we have it. The Star Wars: Cassian Andor series is moving forward and filming is set and imminent. I’m really looking forward to seeing Cassian back on the screen and for some fresh Star Wars adventures in a new subgenre.

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