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My Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 12 “The Siege” thoughts!

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian was really pretty neat. It was a weird one from Carl Weathers.   I was surprised at how good at executing Star Wars action sequences Weathers is. It feels like Star Wars and I also liked the use of wipes in the action which gave it that A New Hope vibe.

The previous episode was really fun too. It was nice to see Bo Katan. Katee Sackhoff was rad in Battlestar Galactica and she’s gonna be even cooler in live-action Star Wars. It’s rare someone voices a character and also performs the character in live-action. I like how the last episode handed off into this one.

So much happened in this episode it’s hard to break down so I’m just going to lay out my thoughts. I love that we are seeing the past (The Clone Wars) and the future of the galaxy (potential sequel trilogy stuff) all playing out on this one character, The Mando. Star Wars television has such an opportunity to live in that universe, more than just in the moment, and they’re apparently doing just that.

That Speederbike sequence was so rad. It once again felt like adults who grew up playing with the Kenner toys constructed a sequence we all played out as kids. I know my Imperial Troop Transport was attacked by Speederbikes lots of times back in 1986.

Was that a Snoke body that Cara Dune discovered in the tank or just a similar experiment? It could be early Palpatine cloning program stuff. Is Baby Yoda regularly cloned and they need him to make fresh clones from the source of the template? I seem to remember Jango dying and the supply of Jango blood became scarce to make fresh clones from. Is this for Sidious’s blood transfusions on Exegol? The woman promising rewards in the new order to the spy implies we’re seeing The First Order’s early stages.

I feel like this episode was so important in that it lines up so many possibilities. Is Mando going to be the one that protects Rey’s father? Because that cloning program is clearly connected. Might we end up seeing Mando being the one that drops Rey off someday? How crazy would that be if he gets intertwined with Rey’s family before she’s born?

The Child moments were really solid too. I enjoyed the quiet moments of Mando and The Child fixing the ship. The kid going to school and stealing Macaroons and especially when he pukes at the end. It was handled well and I don’t feel like Baby Yoda is close to jumping the shark yet.

I dig all the implications of this episode. I hope they’re followed through on. I can’t wait to see Ahsoka but I’m afraid she’s going to look weird in live-action. I like the deep lore and mysteries we’re getting in the series right now and that feeling. I like it when it’s more than “Remember R5-D4!?”

It was nice to hit mid-way through the season and feel more intrigued than when it started. Just having Ahsoka show up would have been lazy and I like how they’re having Mando step in deeper shit first. The stakes are starting to feel bigger.

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