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Some prequel era starships are coming to Star Wars: The Mandalorian seasons 2 and 3!

Fan favorite ships are returning and some new speeders too!

Do loose lips sink starships? Nah, they make it all more fun.

I was given some information recently about Star Wars: The Mandalorian while trying to figure out exactly what is filming, has filmed, and will be filming here in Los Angeles. It’s all pretty confusing. But thankfully during all of that jazz, I was able to get a few tidbits that might interest us pertaining to seasons two and three of the series.

Right now, down at the trainyard set they’re filming a Tatooine content. There was a big “storefront’ with writing in something like Aurbesh but it was a little more like the McQuarrie “Nima Outpost” text or design pattern. However, the buildings were very much Tatooine and not Nima at all.

The Ships!

For Star Wars: The Mandalorian second season, a cockpit for Slave 1 was created. The cockpit was specifically made during the second season, I’m told. Does that mean we can expect to see the ship in the second season? I think it does.

It is worth mentioning that there are rumors that a Boba Fett spin-off series is coming to Disney+ and it’s filming now, according to Deadline. Mandalorian season two crew members made the cockpit and it exists. With Obi-Wan having filmed a little bit, I’m just leaving it open for the possibility it’s being used elsewhere.

It makes sense we would see Slave 1 again in general. Boba probably parked it at Jabba’s or near Jabba’s palace. He then “died.” It could have been stolen though. Or maybe Boba parked it in a cave-like Marty and Doc Brown in Back to the Future Part III and it’s just been waiting there to be recovered by the bounty hunter?

I’m of the mindset that if you bring Boba back after we thought he died, he has to have some kind of journey. It can’t just take six years to get his gear and “get back to it.” There needs to be some kind of progression there for better or worse.

The N-1!

My favorite bit of information is that a Naboo N-1 Starfighter has been reconstructed for The Mandalorian’s third season. The Naboo N-1 is probably my favorite ship from the series so I was super jazzed to hear about this returning. Does it mean Naboo is back too? I don’t know. But what I do know is it is yellow with a silver underbelly as we should expect from The Phantom Menace.

Vespas in Space

There are also these “Vespa” scooter type speeders being made for the third season of the series. They come in green and blue with chrome trim. They are not dirty or “lived-in” at all. They could be for Naboo but they haven’t built any Naboo sets at this time that I have heard about.

It may seem obvious that Boba’s ship would be back and I believe it will be back pretty soon based on what I’m hearing. The N-1 Naboo Starfighter is a welcome return and I can’t wait to see it back on in live-action on the screen again.

Will we see Naboo again? Or will we just go to an affluent place with space-Vespas and Naboo Starfighters in the collection of ships like a space-Jay Leno’s garage? Slave 1, Naboo Starfighters, and Space-Vespas! A part of me wouldn’t be surprised if we see it pop up in other shows since a ship from the end of the Republic era with many shows taking place just as the Empire rises to power.

There are only a few more episodes of the second season of The Mandalorian left so we should know pretty soon if Boba’s back and Slave 1 returns for sure this season. The one thing I can guarantee is they made it!

More soon!

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