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The main cast of Star Wars: Kenobi has been announced!

The Disney+ series has a cast!

Today Lucasfilm announced the full cast list for Star Wars: Kenobi. They also confirmed the series would finally film this April. Locations were not discussed, but by all accounts it appears to primarily be filming in Los Angeles. Lucasfilm confirmed the story takes place ten years after Revenge of the Sith.

Since we already knew Hayden Christensen was returning as Darth Vader, the huge casting news upfront is that Joel Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse are returning to the roles of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Lars. I’m hoping this means they will actually have a substantial part to play in the story. The implied conflict between Kenobi and the Lars family could begin here as the family refuses to give up their adopted child to the Jedi knight.

I know in the past, Joel Edgerton has expressed his dislike and disappointment in the prequel films he starred in. Usually, talking bad about the franchise you were involved in gets one replaced. However, since Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, Edgerton has blown up. So I assume if he’s involved it will because it’s redemptive for him in some way and significant. I also wonder if his brother will return to be McGregor’s stand-in?

The full cast of ten looks really solid:

  1. Moses Ingram
  2. Joel Edgerton
  3. Bonnie Piesse
  4. Kumail Nanjiani
  5. Indira Varma
  6. Rupert Friend
  7. O’Shea Jackson Jr
  8. Sung Kang
  9. Simone Kessell
  10. Benny Safdie

I really dig Kumail Nanjiani’s work. The Star Wars trend has been to cast comedians in the roles of droids. While I would certainly take Nanjiani’s involvement in any way, I hope he’s more than a droid here. It is also nice to Indira Varma confirmed after recent trade reports she was involved. I also loved Moses Ingram in The Queen’s Gambit.

I’m so glad Lucasfilm made an announcement instead of being elusive and weird. This is much more fun and I can’t wait to see how this story plays out, why it needs to exist, what Kenobi is like and up to after 10 years of losing the Jedi, and all the new characters the series will introduce to us.

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