The Star Wars garbage we love is coming to Disney+

"Legends" content is coming next month!

I love this garbage, truly. It isn’t “good.” A lot of vintage Star Wars content is coming to pad out our Disney+ accounts. I’m not really excited for the content. I’m excited it’s in the archive I can access when I feel nostalgic or I’m talking Star Wars with my children and for some reason want to show them how morbid Wicket looks sometimes.

If you’re dying for some Star Wars stories to watch during this quiet time, Disney+ is releasing some classic Star Wars material on April 2nd. Well, I use “classic” loosely. The Ewok Adventure and The Battle for Endor are important because older fans consumed them over and over when we only had three movies. Joe Johnston directs one and there’s moments of “neat stuff.” The Diabeetus guy never says “Diabeetus” in Battle for Endor though.

One of my favorite childhood memories is when Caravan of Courage (then called The Ewok Adventure) aired on TV. It was in stereo. So your dad could move his Black Sabbath records and your mom’s B-52 singles over and face the speakers towards the family with the Ewoks totally not in mono! The sound was also aired over the radio itself and the instructed us to turn it up but turn down the audio on the TV. The theatrical experience at home! I wonder if they’ll use the same stereo mix?

The animated short “The Story Of The Faithful Wookiee” is also coming. It is the cartoon that introduced Boba Fett during The Star Wars Holiday Special. In 2021 it’s pretty silly that we still don’t have The Holiday Special. Everyone has seen it. It was confirmed during the 2011 Blu-ray release of the first six films they have a quality copy of it too. They should get the RiffTrax guys together and release it with a comedy commentary and the original audio as the extra.

The Genndy Tartakovsky episodes of Clone Wars are coming. That’s not garbage. However, it has its hands tied. It has some powerful moments like when Anakin looks at Padme through the window of his ship. I’ll be happy to rewatch those. But get ready to read about confused kids asking you how this stuff interfaces. It would be rad if they brought Tartakovsky back for something, however, he may not even be interested after Lucasfilm went forward with The Clone Wars series without him and never really told him he was off the series as it went forward and Dave Filoni came aboard.

I suspect in a few months we’ll see the Droids and Ewoks cartoons hit Disney+ if this content is well received. Maybe even Star Wars: Detours? Will they give this stuff the LEGENDS moniker?

April 2 is when this stuff hits your Disney+ accounts. If you’ve never seen any of it, prepare to trip out but don’t get too excited. In an era where we have new films, new TV shows, it is kind of hard to care deeply. But like a weirdo good friend, it is nice to know it’s there. I feel like I sound like I hate it but I don’t. However, the major news sites covering it like its more Mando is pretty funny.

Edit: The Disney press release has

  • Star Wars: Ewoks (S1 & S2)

I’m guessing The Ewoks are okay since there’s no chance of confusion with new Star Wars content on the way. Droids S1 & S2 are probably left of this list for that reason.

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