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Indiana Jones 5 has cast Mads Mikkelsen as the villain?

From Star Wars to Indy!

Deadline is reporting that Mads Mikkelsen has been cast in the 5th Harrison Ford Indiana Jones film. While I have not seen Lucasfilm confirm this anywhere yet, when the trades report on an actor it almost always pans out.   That means we will have Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads joining Harrison Ford for the main cast of the film. Now, we can kind of sense what the film is going to look like and what the alchemy is that will bring it all together.

I’m sure everyone will assume the actor who is from Denmark is playing a Nazi in an Indiana Jones film. Steven Spielberg vowed to never direct cartoon Nazis again after Schindler’s List. Deadline stresses Spielberg is very involved in producing the feature. With James Mangold directing but Spielberg producing it makes this assumption a little more difficult to contend with, I think.

I can certainly respect Spielberg’s feeling with the idea of making nazis into cartoon caricatures. They are a very serious and threatening ideology not to be taken lightly. A part of me does wonder if after the last few years of American political upheaval if that position has perhaps shifted? Is it important to reiterate in very black and white terms in our pop culture that these people and people like them need an Indiana Jones uppercut to the jaw? If Indy would want to punch you, perhaps you’re the bad guy and should “rethink your life”? There could be cultural value to that right now.

I find it kind of funny because while reporting on Mikkelsen’s role for Rogue One, I had to talk about the “Destroyer of Worlds.” That entire time, I kept thinking of the last Indiana Jones film and the bomb. Now, Mikkelsen is in Indy itself.

I love Mikkelsen, he’s great in everything he’s in. This movie will obviously be post-World War II as Harrison has aged beyond the ability to play a Last Crusade era Indy unless they used digital trickery. Is this film going to see Indy tracking down old Nazis in Argentina in relation to some occult relic? Until we know what era this movie is set there are so many questions.

I’m loving the vibe of the new movie with these casting additions. Hopefully we get confirmation and some more info about the movie soon.

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