Indiana Jones 5 news! Harrison, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, John Williams, and a release date!

Finally some good Indy news!

The official Indiana Jones Twitter had a lot of good Indy news today. In a single tweet they confirmed a lot. The James Mangold directed Indy film releases on July 29, 2022. While Harrison Ford returning has been confirmed for years at this point, John Williams returning to score the film is good news.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is joining the cast. Bringing her into an Indy film is really smart. Most Star Wars fans will know the Fleabag star from Solo: A Star Wars Story as L3-37. In live action, I can see her being cast as a pop culture depiction of Amelia Earhart or something so I think she’ll fit into that Indiana Jones universe and vibe really well.

John Williams returning has me really elated to say the least. I was afraid Williams would officially retire before this film was in post-production.  The “maestro” has given us so much and we are lucky he’s still willing to do it again. While it is not ideal we’ve lost Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, Ford and Williams together again is not something to take for granted in 2021.

In my opinion, all four existing Indiana Jones films are top notch for their genre. I think some are better films than others, without a doubt. Raiders of the Lost Ark and my favorite Last Crusade work better than Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull. So the question is which way will this final Ford film skew? If it falls towards the latter, I think it will push the idea that everything past Raiders was unjustified. Raiders is pretty much a perfect film but each sequel offered up more fun than any of the copies that hit throughout the years.

I hope they spare us of the “practical effects” Star Wars: The Force Awakens style spiel in the press materials going forward. I can kind of see Disney dunking on Crystal Skull’s bad media image to elevate this one when the problems the film did have had very little to do with CGI. I “hate” it when franchises tacitly self hate to gain favor with their future detractors. They haven’t done anything like that so far, but after years of seeing how elements of Star Wars was handled, I just hope they don’t do that.

I’m excited for this next Indy film more than anything, honestly. Change is always an opportunity for improvement. Could most of the Indy sequels use some improvement? Sure. I hope the new elements mixed with the old give us something special. I’m excited to see what happens when a new director steps in. I’m dying to know exactly when the film takes place and which characters, if any, from the pervious films will be returning. Hopefully there is more Indiana Jones news soon!

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