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Is Star Wars: Andor moving into Black Park next? Sources and new photos suggest as much!

Cassian on the move!

Pretty early on in Star Wars: Andor’s production, sources were fairly certain Black Park was going to be used for some exteriors, second unit filming, and pick up shots. That’s pretty much been the standard on all of the Star Wars productions so far for the most part. The Andor filming was always subject and contingent upon various other factors though. With the global pandemic the shooting schedule has been weird at times to say the least.

Just a few days ago we had some pretty interesting shots of Cassian himself. My favorite Instagram Bespin Bulletin has had some interesting coverage of the Dorset shoot recently as well that I highly suggest checking out if you haven’t.

The shooting in Dorset is believed to continue for about another week. After that, it sounds like we are going to see shooting in Black Park for a camp site of some kind. The “tipis” seem to have some metal work related to them which would fit the Star Wars aesthetic of natural utility and tech meshing together in the design. There were also other props not pictured that make us think this is the Andor set getting ready to film sometime this month. That said, these aren’t fully assembled so that’s conjecture on my part and could simply be what’s going to hold them together, to be covered by the time filming commences.

There is always the chance these are for another film or for local Ewoks that escaped during the filming of The Rise of Skywalker in 2019.

With as tiny as The Mandalorian’s lot is and how much of The Volume is used, I’m pretty excited to see how many physical sets the new Star Wars productions are using. Friends on the productions have told me that The Volume, while amazing, works for stories told at the speed of a Western, which The Mandalorian essentially is. It makes me wonder if that’s why these other productions that aren’t exactly Spaghetti Westerns in space are using location shooting as much as they are? Hopefully time will tell and we will learn more about The Volume’s strengths and weaknesses in the current iteration. I find it to be a fascinating development in digital filmmaking.

Between the shots we had earlier in the week and what Bespin Bulletin has dropped, we are starting to get a feel for what Cassian Andor’s first series will look like. More to come as this develops in the coming week!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Bespin Bulletin and all our sources for being as on as ever!

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