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Star Wars: Cassian Andor set photos and more from Cleveleys!

Star Wars: Andor is shooting in Cleveleys today. Shooting was halted because of rain for a while but it appears it might be picking back up. Crew members have told local friends it is the last day of shooting in the area but that could be a diversion. There was helicopter shooting aerials near the location and people saw Stormtroopers this week.

Obviously, it is exciting that Kenobi is getting going. With all the production stalls in the past I was happy to see Tatooine sand being dropped down for the set build. The set is honestly not that exciting to see at the moment.

Bespin Bulletin who always rocks it has a shot of Diego Luna as Cassian Andor. If you’re not following his work and listening to his podcast, do it!

Thanks to Chris Brown for getting these photos of Cassian:


Shoretroopers were seen walking around. With those and the palm trees blowing in the wind, it really has a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story vibe going. Do these environments follow Cassian or are seeing Scarif before the Empire took over the planet for their research facility?

Thank you, Chris!

Here are some photos too check out the set vibe today from another source:

You can see the wind really picking up. 

Check out the stuff hanging from the kiosk:

These kiosks seem to line the streets where Cassian Andor is:

Here you can see the Venue being converted into a building in a galaxy far far away….

One of the Boba sets on Tatooine has this sam kind of writing pattern along the top of the building. However, in that instance it is actually sculpted into the “clay” of the adobe style architecture.

A better look at it. I believe it translates to “Vote for Pedro.” 

I love these things:

I dig this shot, good work source!

I can’t wait for the next Star Wars shows. It’s been so slow as of late post sequel trilogy. It’s nice to see everything getting going again! Lots more to come!

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