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Drew Struzan should do the Indiana Jones 5 poster and it sounds like both he and Mangold want it to happen!

Twitter Hope.

There was an exchange on Twitter that might be nothing. But it could be the start of something beautiful. And by beautiful I mean the art of Drew Struzan. Struzan is the only guy that can really capture the vibe of the classic films from our childhood’s onto movie posters.

Struzan has been retired for a while. He did the D23 Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster which is rad. But the rest of the art which was exciting at the time but kind of amounted to photoshopped disposable garbage post-release (save for Last Jedi). Maybe future generations will see it differently. But I know when I look at that art compared to when I look at the art of Drew Struzan in general, it just fails to compare. The simple fact remains that there are forgettable Star Wars novels with better cover art than 250 million dollar Disney backed blockbusters because Struzan did the art for those.

But the dude’s retired. You don’t want to bother him. Drew tackled our heroes in art for us for his whole professional life. Let the dude rest. Unless….


Struzan tweeted a congratulatory message to the crew of next Indiana Jones film as they start making the movie I want. No, the movie I need. With that I felt a tinge of hope. Maybe, I mean it could happen.

Then this exchange happened a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it:

If the powers that be do not allow this to happen, they have shit for brains. The director and the artist want to make it happen. The fans all want it to happen. Struzan posters are timeless and they’re selling Back to the Future to a whole new audience on Netflix right now. So don’t give me any nonsense about the market having changed. It hasn’t. That’s why we still want Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies. It is the same.

The best way to celebrate the marketing for the new film is to have best artist of all time, Drew Struzan, do the poster’s artwork for Indiana Jones V. Make this poster as timeless as can be. The blockbuster poster style rollout we saw for Star Wars was so boring in the big picture. Drew Struzan, if he’s as willing as it seems he is, let him do it! And don’t make it some hand out poster for adults at D23 who cry when some jerk sings a song from Frozen live on stage. Make this poster for everyone. Make it a Struzan!

Side wish: Don’t just make it Indy standing there either. Give us some depictions of things from the film that make us wonder about what’s in the movie. My favorite is the Last Crusade poster for that reason. I had a huge puzzle of it as a kid. I tried to find it during the pandemic but those became rather rare this last year for obvious reasons.


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