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Duncan Pow is reprising “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” role of Ruescott Melshi in “Andor?”

A rogue rebel returns!

The Tech to my Echo, Bespin Bulletin is reporting some interesting news that I really dig about Star Wars: Andor. Ruescott Melshi is returning! I’m not going to muck it up with any cliches about “grains of salt” on this one. The report is solid. Melshi’s back, baby! Duncan Pow is returning to the play the rebel.

In Rogue One, he’s one of the badass rebels that busts Jyn Erso out of prison and also joins in on the end battle on Scarif. Of course Melshi didn’t survive that film, but then again, who did? He also got beat up by Jyn with a shovel which really sucks when you consider he only had a few days left alive. But then again, some people would probably pay for that.

I rather like that troops who served with Cassian and died with him are involved in the series. Anything that makes what we already have feel richer, with more depth on rewatches is a good thing. There’s no word on the size of the part in the series but with there’s clearly an opportunity for the character to be defined and filed in as the series moves along. Bespin Bulletin says they were told he filmed multiple weeks on location and at Pinewood which makes it seem like there’s a good chance it’s really a supporting role and not an esoteric cameo.

I’m also hoping rumors that Antoc Merrick, who was played by Ben Daniels in Rogue One also pan out as well. I think Melshi and Merrick were the two supporting rebels that stood out in the film and also had some love in the way of Rogue One’s ancillary products. But don’t get started on the Melshi contradictions in the published literature as it all conflicts and is just flat out confusing as to the official way he died in canon.

Make sure you’re following Bespin Bulletin on Instagram if you don’t and make sure to check out their solid reporting and fun podcast. Their podcast isn’t like school, it is just fun, funny, and smart like it should be. I can’t recommend it enough.

Are you excited to see Melshi return or are you canceling your Disney+ account because he ruined Star Wars? I doubt it. There’s probably one out there though. Right now he’s probably mad about Indiana Jones filming this week because Harrison Ford got older.


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