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New Indiana Jones 5 photos! Is Indy younger?

Indy's fighting Nazis again!

The Daily Mail has some interesting pictures from a night shoot from Indiana Jones 5. The news just broke that the film would finally shoot this week and the first photos have already hit the internet. I’m really excited for this film and what the next adventure may entail.

The scene in question was filmed at North Yorkshire Moors. Apparently Mission Impossible recently filmed there as well, on the same stretch of land.

The shoot in question appears to show a masked stunt person playing Indiana Jones on a motorcycle. At one point The Daily Mail says the mask flew off and there was also some damage to the motorbike but the stunt performer was okay. It isn’t clear if the flipped bike was part of the scene or an accident.

The masked rider is wearing a Harrison Ford mask. The mask appears to be younger Indy. Well, not that young Indy but middle-aged Last Crusade era Indy. Does that mean the film will feature a “younger” Harrison Ford? Maybe. Or maybe the opening twenty minute mini-adventure we have in all of the films will feature Indy in the 1940s while the main adventure the film will titled after is set later?

There is also a symbol on the motorcycle that is could be a clue as to who the villains are? That said, I do not recognize the symbol at all and I’m not sure if that’s a nazi thing or some kind of “Hydra” type stand in. Spielberg is not a fan of making nazis into cartoon characters after having direct Schindler’s List and he is still involved in this film. That said, if you have any idea what the symbol is let me know and I’ll update this article. Update: Yeah, Indy’s fighting Nazis again.

It’s happening. That’s the most exciting part of all of this stuff to me. More Indiana Jones is coming and I get to take my kids to see it. How cool is that?

Check out The Daily Mail for the full photos and their coverage of the piece. July 29th, 2022 can’t get here quick enough!

Update: Punished Lemon Cake showed me another Daily Mail piece I missed with actual Nazi trains.


Also here is a photo from Bamburgh Castle’s set. You can see more photos here.

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