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Saw Gerrera and Orson Krennic returning to Star Wars for Andor?

Cassian's old "friends" return!

Today has been a pretty cool day for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fans. Two of the central supporting characters are said to be returning for Star Wars: Andor. In Rogue One, both characters represented the most twisted of men from each faction competing in that story. Saw, like Anakin, did the wrong things for the “right” reasons and lost his humanity. Krennic seeks the validation of his self worth to such a degree he is willing to make the Death Star two prove he is worthy. Both men are sad products of Emperor Palpatine’s nefarious plan for galactic domination.

How will Saw and Krennic play into the story of Andor? Saw seems more obvious. They need Jyn Erso to even make contact with Saw in Rogue One. But that wasn’t always the case. Saw’s codename during the production of Rogue One was Castro. In the eyes of the Rebellion and the creators, Saw loses his way. Maybe we will se why in this story?

Krennic is a larger mystery. Maybe we see the win that gets him placed on the Death Star project? After all in Revenge of the Sith, we see the project beginning and then the Geonosians hit some snags and the weapons takes longer to formulate than excepted so Krennic takes over or something like that. Perhaps we will see that Cassian has been up against The Empire and Krennic by proxy for longer than he ever knew?

The Direct writes that Stellan Skarsgard spilled the beans on a Swedish Radio. He says he has at least two juicy scenes with Forest Whitaker. So that’s pretty good confirmation. The Direct then ran a second piece stating that “According to The Direct’s sources, Rogue One Ben Mendelsohn will reprise his role as Orson Krennic in Star Wars: Andor.” They are not sure how big the part is.

I have my fingers crossed for a Tarkin return after all of this. The series seems to be about a lot of the mix that leads up to Rogue One in various ways. Based on the timeline, I would guess the series takes place not long after Saw abandons Jyn Erso to protect her.


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