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The Disney+ Willow sequel series is filming in Bridgend, Wales!

Hide your Dikini’s! Willow’s Back!

You always hear Star Wars is back and it never really goes anywhere. But Willow showed up when I was 8, the movie was rad, and it was never seen again beside the VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and Disney+ release.

It is with great excitement that I get to report Willow is filming in Bridgend, Wales right now! 

What’s even cooler than it filming at all? Warwick Davis has been on set almost the entire time, I’m told. No one wants Willow without Willow and I could not be more excited for this story to continue. Warwick Davis is going to knock this out of the park. He rocked it when he was pretty much still a kid and the man is going to own this in 2021.

It seems that Willow may be filming in Cardiff next. There is a Disney production heading to the area and we think it is for more some Willow work.

As a kid, I read the Lucasfilm Fanclub Magazine like it was going out of style. It eventually did as it became the Star Wars Insider. Reading that magazine’s coverage of Willow and Indiana Jones filled up those empty Star Wars-less years and made them fun. There was no internet. Whatever kids you knew that liked what you liked was all you had. So today to be reporting on the return of Willow and Indiana Jones at the same time is a nostalgic whirlwind for me.

There have been rumors that Erin Kellyman is playing a warrior in the show. Star Wars fans know her as Enfys Nest! I hope that rumor pans out as I think she would fit in rather nicely in that universe as Willow is kind of just Star Wars mixed with Lord of the Rings.

Willow is filming. Warwick is there and it’s happening!

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