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Toby Jones joins Indiana Jones 5 with pics! Plus the best pics of Indy yet!

The Daily Mail strikes again. This time they have not only a photo of Indiana Jones without a face covering, but a photo of him with actor Toby Jones. Toby Jones is one of those guys you’ve probably seen in a lot of movies. Toby Jones has been everything from The Mist to Captain America. Now Toby Jones is in Indiana Jones 5!

I love the idea of his inclusion in an Indiana Jones film. I think he fits pretty well into the universe and is a solid piece of casting. He’s very talented, seasoned, known but not too known, and he seems like a good fit in a film with Harrison Ford.

Indy has dots on his face to alter his age, I would say. The question remains if he’s de-aged for the entire film or just the opening sequence. I think Toby has them too, maybe. Or maybe I’m tripping. But we see a highly reflective white foil dot, with a jet back ring around it:

In the leaked photos from The Daily Mail, he can be seen with everyone’s favorite archaeologist outside in a flowery meadow area. Perhaps it is outside the same castle we keep seeing on fire. That said, we have seen the castle on fire at night and during the day which makes it harder to pinpoint how these things connect at the moment. They do mention that stuntmen were preparing for more motorcycle work in the area as well.

Maybe that’s the Antikythera mechanism? A clock for time travel? Maybe. We are just guessing, wildly.

It’s very exciting to see what amounts to new frames of an Indiana Jones film. Seeing Indy out there with Toby Jones makes my imagination get rolling. The motorcycles, the nazi train, the castle fire, and whatever the MacGuffin is! Is it in Toby’s hands?

On a side note, a bunch of titles showed up online recently. Just as I was about to ask a source or two if they were legit, James Mangold clarified for a fan that the titles were not legit.

Kevin did Indiana Jones fans a solid there. A lot of fans were making posters and stuff so at least they can divert their creative juices elsewhere for the time being.

But what is the MacGuffin?

Head over to The Daily Mail to see the full photos and read their write-up on the scoop. Also, check out the coverage from earlier in the week here.

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