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An exclusive look at a Boat-Sled-Stagecoach from Disney+’s Willow series!

Hey Daikinis, it seems very likely that Willow is about to film at Pendine Sands which is seven miles of beach on the Carmarthen Bay in Wales. At first reports were coming in from locals that it was for Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, sources have said that is not the case and filming wrapped on that very recently here in the States as I reported.

The production is primarily Disney based according to locals. Willow has been filming all over Wales since the Summer. Based on this, I think it is safe to conclude this is very likely Willow. Locals have informed me that yesterday was a test run for a vessel. But the production will be returning on the 18th, requiring parking for around 200 vehicles.  So this is no small second unit shot, it would seem.

As reported in the past, the the production for Willow has used the name Trapper Keeper. But some of the equipment was marked with Red Frog, a local production company which was incorporated years before Disney owned Lucasfilm. Perhaps the local company was hired by Trapper Keeper to facilitate the production? Or perhaps this isn’t actually Willow even though locals are being told it is a Disney production?

Huge shoutout to our buddy for grabbing some snaps of the vessel they were testing out this week:

The design is very peculiar to me. It is like a stagecoach, a boat, and a sled all meshed together. What propels it? Will it be pulled by a creature? It has a perch for a driver, which makes me think so. Maybe Willow sits up and uses magic to make it move? It also has skies like a sled on it. If you recall, the film has a legendary sledding sequence with Willow and Madmartigan and perhaps this vehicle plays on that very “Willow” idea? I have so many questions! It looks cool.

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