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Rumor: Andy Serkis cast in Star Wars: Andor? Is he Snoke or a new character?

Rumor is the Serkis is back in Star Wars town!

I’m always a little weird about running casting news. I usually get them right, like Pedro Pascal. Others, I report too early and then they fall through like Jamie Lee Curtis. This one is more complicated than those two. I’ve heard Andy Serkis was cast in Star Wars: Andor for Disney+.

Andy Serkis famously played Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In The Rise of Skywalker the dude was reduced to a thing in a jar as Palpatine had returned officially and we learned he was an avatar for the Sith Lord to manipulate Kylo Ren.

Andy Serkis has said his death in The Last Jedi was a good idea but he was disappointed to see his role end and his death come a whole film before he expected it. I’m sure, if what I’m hearing is accurate, that must lessen the burn a little.

There’s a lot of speculation to be had here.

The question that remains is Andy Serkis playing Snoke? We have seen that there are many Snokes in the universe. When did Palpatine begin playing puppet master to soulless bodies? Was Snoke an original being Darth Sidious cloned or was he created from “scratch?” I speculate there is a chance Serkis could play the original being Palpatine took the DNA from.

However, I feel like if we Occam’s razor this news, he’s likely playing a different character. Serkis is a talented actor and his likeness has never been used in a Star Wars film or series before. It would make sense that he’s just playing a human character of some kind in the spy thriller.

We have seen hints in The Mandalorian that Grogu and cloners are involved in a project of some kind. We assume since that story is after Return of the Jedi, it is about the rejuvenation of Emperor Palpatine. But Andor takes place when Palpatine is as evil as ever and ruling the galaxy. Maybe Andor and the rebel spies end up getting into Palpatine’s plans for immortality?

Time will tell if this rumor pans out and how. Join us over at The Making Star Wars Show and share your thoughts with us.

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