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This ragtag group of rebels from Texas and California isn’t afraid to dabble in the Dark side. Be it their action figure rants, prequel disagreements or brutally honest answers to fan questions, they’ll leave you questioning your allegiance. So embrace a larger view of the Force, not just the pretentious and the PG. No matter what you’re level of devotion, join us in a discussion without censorship or judgement. Give into your love of Star Wars and JOIN THE CULT.


The Force Cult Team

Travis English
Fan artist, filmmaker, Force-wielder. As far as I’m concerned, the events of Star Wars is historical fact. Star Wars ignited my creative passion for filmmaking and I can only hope to be working on set for one in the near future. Avid figure collector since I was 5 and yes, I do open them. Fan fiction writer and geek vlogger. I love the prequels, so deal with it.
Jeordi White
Music producer, composer, performer and writer. When I saw Star Wars in '77 it changed my life and the world around me. The Force gave me something to believe in, the toys gave me an obsession. Above all, Star Wars inspired and opened up my imagination to make the unimaginable possible and continues to give me an endless supply of happiness. I'm forever grateful for the incredible gift that George Lucas gave us all.
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Married to an equally obsessed Star Wars fan. Passionate about life. Constantly bubbly. I write, model and collect all things Star Wars. When I'm not creating content for my blog, I'm probably shopping, playing games on the PS4, organizing something for the tenth time or watching my favorites movies and TV shows. I also love Disney, and too many cute things including Funko Pops and Tsum Tsums.
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Jip Hubbard
I’m in my last year of law school in Boulder, CO and I’m the co-founder of a RunLife Analytics. I’m learning to play the banjo, I love playing basketball, I’ve snowboarded since I was five, and I am a voracious reader. I warned my wife on our first date of my obsession with Star Wars… and she still said yes to a second date. I am hopelessly addicted to Star Wars and I want to consume all knowledge having to do with it. I studied history in undergrad and, to me, Star Wars is legitimate historical study. While I like all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy, those are just flings. My true love is Star Wars, its always been Star Wars.
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