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Tarkin’s Top Shelf #26: The Last Jedi and the Brightest Light Casts the Darkest Shadow!

Welcome to another edition of Tarkin’s Top Shelf! In this episode, Becca invites Ryder Waldron from Idiot’s Array podcast to join her in a thought-provoking discussion. They focus on a specific analogy from Matthew Stover’s novel adaptation of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and how it ties in with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But, before Becca and Ryder get into their discussion, they go over the latest magazine covers by Empire magazine featuring The Last Jedi. And then they touch on The Last Jedi article featured in Rolling Stone .

After a bit of news coverage, they get right into their main topic, connecting the literary-verse to the big screen. They dive into an in-depth conversation on Matthew Stover’s analogy, The brightest light casts the darkest shadow.”  The Skywalkers are the day with night, and after the darkness, shines through the light, but even the brightest of lights can cast the darkest shadow. Destruction, replaced by creation.

That said, will this analogy show up in The Last Jedi? Is it already a theme? A curse the Skywalker bloodline carries over and over, generation to generation? The brighter the light, the darker the shadow? After all, you can’t light a candle without casting a shadow.

You can find “Tarkin’s Top Shelf” on the Making Star Wars Podcasting Network and listen on iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Player FM, Libsyn, and Stitcher. If you like the show and want to get in touch with the hosts, send an e-mail to TTSPodFeelback@gmail.com.



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“Tarkin’s Top Shelf” Episode 12: Empire’s End

Mark and Becca have read the final conclusion to Chuck Wendig’s literary trilogy, Aftermath: Empire’s End ― the most anticipated novel to date! In this episode, your librarians of the Whills go into full detail during their analysis, and nothing is off limits. So, if you intend to listen before you’ve read Empire’s End, consider yourself warned because you will be spoiled.

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