The Star Wars Show

Infinity Star Avengers Wars? Marvel’s Kevin Feige on “The Star Wars Show”

Last night, I was pleased to see Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige appear on "The Star Wars Show," where he…

THE SITH LIST – EPISODE 77 The Last Jedi novel, John Williams, and the New Mutants

https://thesithlist.podbean.com/mf/web/u38nzy/episode_77_final_draft.mp3 This week on Episode 77 of “THE SITH LIST” Iraj, Carlos (Boo), Les, and Eric bring you the WEEK…

THE SITH LIST EPISODE 69 -Naked and Afraid!

  This week on THE SITH LIST Iraj, Carlos (Boo), Les and Eric welcome MSW’s Rogue Won Podcast host Johnny Grasso…