Bart Freebairn


“Steele Wars” podcast Ep 129 : LIVE! Bart Freebairn & Michael Williams – At the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

  Comedian’s Bart Freebairn & Michael Williams talk their Star Wars origins and discuss a hilarious mind melting Han & Greedo…

“Steele Wars” podcast Ep 117 : Rogue One premiere night blogpod

OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS! A unique and very funny look into the fan fun of a Star Wars premiere. Soak up all the…

“Steele Wars” podcast Ep 116 : LIVE! Rogue One 2:30am reaction show : Some our favourite guests give their immediate reactions in a hilarious late night live show!

OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS! A hilarious live reaction in front of a live audience at Seamus O’Tools in Knox, Australia. Featuring…