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“The Cantina Cast” #138 Star Wars Rebels Celebration Europe Panel and trailer

Mike is back with a breakdown of all things Rebels from Celebration Europe. http://traffic.libsyn.com/thecantinacastpodcast/Episode138.mp3 In this episode: “The Cantina Cast”…

“The Cantina Cast” #137 Rogue One Celebration Europe panel and Sizzle Reel breakdown

  After a few weeks of vacation Mike is back to talk all things Rogue One. http://traffic.libsyn.com/thecantinacastpodcast/Episode137.mp3 In this episode:…

“STEELE WARS” PODCAST – Ep 098 : Star Wars Celebration Europe Eve – The most fun Celebration coverage in podcasting begins

[omny embedUrl=”http://www.omnycontent.com/w/player/?orgId=895a4844-50a6-417b-8f89-a508004dfdd8&programId=e3076ab7-09aa-4363-8ccf-a51e000bd5fd&clipId=1d33a0ac-d195-4d4b-83a0-a644014e9c07&source=LVL99+Omny+Embed+(WordPress)” orgId=”895a4844-50a6-417b-8f89-a508004dfdd8″ programId=”e3076ab7-09aa-4363-8ccf-a51e000bd5fd” clipId=”1d33a0ac-d195-4d4b-83a0-a644014e9c07″ width=”100%” height=”150″ url=”http://omnyapp.com/shows/steele-wars/ep-098-star-wars-celebration-europe-the-most-fun-c-2″] Listen online: http://omnyapp.com/shows/steele-wars/ep-098-star-wars-celebration-europe-the-most-fun-c-2 [/omny] Follow Steele on his adventures around Star Wars…

Yak Face CEII 12 Jumbo Figure is up for PGM members

Yak Face Tri-Logo Jumbo Kenner Figure – CE II Exclusive is up on Gentle Giant’s website for PGM members to…