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THE SITH LIST EPISODE 101 – Ant-Man & The Wasp review, Lando is back, and we have a new Joker!


This week, on Episode 101 of “The Sith List” Iraj, Boo, Les, and Eric welcome “The Beltway Banthas” podcast host Swara Salih into the SITH LAIR to talk the WEEK in GEEK! 

Fandom Covered :

  • Box Office – Ant-Man and The Wasp infest their way to #1
  • Billy Dee Williams and Keri Russell join Ep IX
  • We give much deserving love to Ahmed Best and Andi Gutierrez
  • Kenobi feature film or episodes on Disney Streaming
  • Handmaid’s Tale talk
  • Top Gun 2 news
  • Ant-Man & The Wasp review 
  • RIP Steven Ditko
  • A new Joker has been cast
  • Voicemails and e-mails
  • Swara plays the FLASH ROUND 

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Catch you next week on Episode 102 of…..THE SITH LIST 

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Cantina Cast #189 Star Wars Monsters and Inspirations

Mike makes a short appearance on this episode and hands it over to Joao for a one-on-one interview with Monster Nick. They discuss the connections monster movies have to Star Wars and the Kurosawa influences on Star Wars.

Quick episode summary:

  • iTunes shout-outs
  • The Zillo Beast, Godzilla, and King Kong connection
  • Vader and Frankenstein
  • Sea monsters of Star Wars
  • Arena monsters
  • The Rancor and the Sarlacc
  • Kurosawa influences on Star Wars
  • The Hidden Fortress
  • Toshiro Mifune
  • Takashi Shimura
  • The Seven Samurai and The Clone Wars connection

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