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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Newton believes “Val” is a big deal in the Star Wars galaxy

  Everyone knows that Han Solo (Harrison Ford) gave Finn (John Boyega) the nickname “Big Deal” in Star Wars: The…
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Behind the Scenes Details? Anonymous Sources? The Spotlight is on Solo: A Star Wars Story

Owing to yesterday’s tweet from Star Wars, I woke up this morning in a mood to catch up on the…

WATCH : Porg excitement makes Ash Crossan breaks Steele’s couch mid The Last Jedi trailer viewing! Very funny.

Entertainment Tonight’s Ash Crossan is a well known Porg fan, but destorying a fellow fans furniture is going too far!…

Steele Wars Podcast Ep 137 : Ash Crossan – Entertainment Tonight’s Star Wars pro talks cast interviewing & possibly ruining Steele’s life

Ash Crossan has recovered from a very questionable childhood Star Wars cosplaying decision to become the go to when Entertainment…