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THE SITH LIST EPISODE 99 – SW Fandom/ Standalone’s, Jurassic World 2 Review, G1 Transformers and More

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This week, on Episode 99 of “The Sith List” Iraj, Boo (Carlos), Les, and Eric welcome Rogue Won Podcast host Mike “Moneybags” Pappas into the Sith Lair this week to discuss a variety of topical events in the world of fandom. We had a blast hanging out with our boy!

Fandom Covered :

  • Box Office – Jurassic World 2 “Roars” into the top spot
  • Star Wars Chit-Chat: Fandom, Standalone’s…You know the usual 
  • Jurassic World 2 review
  • Transformers talk with the expert 
  • MCU has more advice for the DCEU
  • Jared Leto is playing another Comicbook character…..buy why?
  • Why all these villain standalone’s                                                                                                           

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Catch you next week on Episode 100 of…..THE SITH LIST

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Cantina Cast #204: Finn in The Last Jedi

This week Mike and Joao change things up and focus on one of the newest fan favorites in Star Wars, Finn.

Quick episode summary:

  • Star Wars Rebels season 4 premiere
  • Patreon member questions
  • What do we know of Finn so far?
  • How will his character grow in The Last Jedi?
  • His rivalry with Phasma
  • Have we actually seen a rivalry in Star Wars before?
  • Will this fight with Phasma add to both characters’ arcs?

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