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The Prequelist: Joseph Scrimshaw on Star Wars

Veteran podcaster, writer loves Episodes I – III “like family” MakingStarWars.net —Every Star Wars fan has heard (uttered?) the statement,…

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones 3D Review! Plus see I-III in 3D at Celebration!

First up, our friends at Yak Face are reporting: I received my latest issue of the Star Wars Insider today…

Video: Dennis Muren’s presentation before Attack of the Clones 3D in San Rafael!

On Sunday, November 23rd at 4:30, at the THE CHRISTOPHER B. SMITH RAFAEL FILM CENTER, I saw Star Wars: Episode II…
Fun Facts

On this day in Star Wars history: Attack of the Clones was announced

Back on August 6th, 2001: George Lucas announced to the world that the second installment of the Star Wars saga…