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Need more details about Solo: A Star Wars Story’s “twist?” Here’s the canon overview

Beware–spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story below.   *This article will be retitled after the opening weekend of Solo: A…

Cantina Cast #223: Rebels Finale

http://traffic.libsyn.com/thecantinacastpodcast/Episode223.mp3   Mike and Albert are back from their two-week hiatus. This week they go over the latest Star Wars…
Idiot's Array

“Idiot’s Array” Episode 33: What ifs- Shatterpoints II (Listener feedback)

After a mini-break from podcasting, Alan, Mark, and Ryder are back with more listener feedback. http://traffic.libsyn.com/idiotsarray/Idiots_Array_33.mp3 In this episode: Star…
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Star Wars Rebels: “Empire Day” – Jesse’s Review

Warning: Spoilers for this episode ahead. I feel like I’ve been down on Star Wars Rebels lately. As much as…
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We scored some Star Wars Rebels items at Target today!

Today at Target we scored some rad Star Wars Rebels items. A hat, a wallet, and a watch were in…
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Preview of Star Wars Rebels’ Rebel Journal: Ezra’s Actual Journal!

Johnamarie is at The Book Con and she found a Star Wars Rebels book: #StarWarsRebels premieres October 2014 and the…