Forces of Destiny

Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny

ICYMI – Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Season 2, Continued

Another piece of news that piled up on May 4 was the continuation of Season 2 of Star Wars: Forces…

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Padmé Amidala figure now available!

Fans of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny rejoice! We just got the first half of season two on YouTube, and we covered it here,…
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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is the perfect companion to new Star Wars films.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny season 2 premiered Monday on the Disney YouTube channel, and the first half of the season…

Rebel Grrrl: A Star Wars Podcast Episode 89 – This is the Podcast that Never Ends

On this episode of Rebel Grrrl: Jess is back from off-world! She shares some of her vacation in Thailand and…
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Ahsoka vs. Yoda in Forces of Destiny

Tweeps saw it immediately, and when I finally got to view “Teach You, I Will” — Star Wars: Forces of…
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Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Rey to the Rescue During The Force Awakens

Another Star Wars: Forces of Destiny short debuted Monday, and this time series writer Jennifer Muro fills in a time…

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Returns

With The Last Jedi still over two months away, and with (possibly) another week to go before another trailer debuts,…

Rebel Grrrl Episode 76: The Obi Star Wars Story We Need

On this episode: We break down the rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi film news, and brainstorm some of our favorite film ideas…

Rebel Grrrl Episode 75 – Your Snoke Theory Written by Jack Thorne

On this very special episode of Rebel Grrrl: Star Wars: Episode IX has a new writer on the team. John…
Idiot's Array

Idiot’s Array Episode 48: Forces of Destiny In this episode we give our thoughts on the first eight episodes of Forces of Destiny. What did we…

Rebel Grrrl Episode 69: Five Stars for Content

Welcome back! On this week’s episode of “Rebel Grrrl”: Rate the podcast (five stars) and leave a review! The Last…

Rebel Grrrl Episode 68: Your Sand Joke Sucks

Rebel Grrrrl episode 68 - You Sand Joke Sucks