Nathan Hamill


FUN VIDEO : Nathan Hamill tries to explain what was Luke’s plan to rescue Han Solo from Jabba?

[youtube] Nathan Hamill and comedian Steele Saunders try and work out what exactly was Luke Skywalker’s plan to rescue…

“Steele Wars” PODCAST – Ep 102 : Nathan Hamill – The real-life son of Skywalker talks growing up Star Wars

[omny embedUrl=”” orgId=”895a4844-50a6-417b-8f89-a508004dfdd8″ programId=”e3076ab7-09aa-4363-8ccf-a51e000bd5fd” clipId=”eb416778-1153-41e8-9063-a65d00c130d7″ width=”100%” height=”150″ url=””] Listen online: [/omny] Nathan Hamill is a talented artist and toy designer…