Prequel Trilogy

Episode I

The Prequelist: Joseph Scrimshaw on Star Wars

Veteran podcaster, writer loves Episodes I – III “like family” —Every Star Wars fan has heard (uttered?) the statement,…

“The Cantina Cast” #143 The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey (interview and review)

Mike and Joao bring Bradley and Kyle from the Ministry of Cinema on the podcast this week to talk about…

Teaser Trailer for Star Wars Prequel Documentary “The Prequels Strike Back”!

Just this morning we gave you the heads-up on a new creative project from one of the executive producers of…

The Prequels Strike Back’s Bradley Weatherholt Talks His Documentary and the Star Wars Prequels

Last week we told you about The Prequels Strike Back, the documentary regarding criticisms of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy…

New Documentary Defending the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Needs Your Help!

As a Star Wars fan, one thing that gets really tiring is hearing people bash the Prequel Trilogy. It’s one…

The Sequels that Never Existed: A not so brief history of the Sequel Trilogy Pt.2

Now with the explosive success of STAR WARS, Lucas finds himself on top of Hollywood with the most popular and…

The Sequels that Never Existed: A Not So Brief History of the Sequel Trilogy

  There is quite a history behind the sequel trilogy that goes back way before the Disney buyout on October…

How Attack of the Clones turned me into a Star Wars fan.

I was reminded this week of what was really the start of my love of Star Wars. It was Star…