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Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News 10.06.17

I received a lot of DMs on Twitter over the past couple of days, and a few of them came…
Episode V

This is Rogue Two

The internet is an amazing place… No sooner had I realized, sadly, that Christopher Malcolm — Zev Senesca of The…
Episode IV

Remembering Red Six

He wasn’t on screen for very long, but if you shout “Porkins” in a room full of Star Wars fans…
Episode IV

The Briefing Room: Volume 1

The Saga’s Unsung Heroes As I make my way through the briefing spaces and hangars on Yavin IV, Hoth, Home…

Rogue One’s Red Seven

From the Royal Navy to the Rebel Alliance… Beyond the main cast, Benjamin Hartley’s face remains one of the most…

Rogue One’s Gold Nine

Trading stage for starfighter By any measure, it’s a long way from Hong Kong to the planet Scarif. But for…
Episode IV

Red Three Standing By

Luke Skywalker’s best friend on Tatooine has enjoyed a pleasant afterlife in Star Wars Whether it’s in the desert, a…
Episode IV

Rogue One’s Dutch Treat

Jon “Dutch” Vander Returned in Rogue One Star Wars fans generally agree on one thing, and one thing only –…